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Central Vacuum Pipe Manufacturer Vip Rubber Plastic

Central vacuum pipe is used with all residential central vacuum systems, and is an important part of creating a long-lasting product that works well for your customers. Central vac pipe differs from plumbing grade tubing and typically is manufactured with a 2” outside diameter (OD). Central vacuum pipe is produced with a completely smooth interior which allows dirt and other small particles to flow freely, and prohibits clogging in the pipe.

The ASTM F2158 standard is the industrial guideline for central vacuum pipe and is a best choice. Local inspectors often look for the ASTM designation as assurance the central vac system is of higher quality.


Vip Rubber and Plastic can manufacture custom central vacuum pipe and tube to meet the ASTM specifications. We can also create custom lengths, colors, and print alignment marks, numbers, or personalized text on any of our pipes. 

Since 1961, we have been a family owned and operated manufacturer, working with leading companies in all industries. 

As a custom manufacturer, we do set up each job and run parts individually. Therefore, we are a best fit for customers who need larger quantities of central vacuum pipe, typically 5000’ or more. 

Vip+ Central Vacuum Pipe
  • Superior Finish
  • Custom Printing Options
  • Color Matching
  • Special Packaging
  • OD : 2.00” +.005” -.005”
  • Wall : .060” +.005” -.005”
  • Fire Rating : UL-94V-0
  • Weight : 23 lbs. per 100’
  • Freight Class : #156600- Sub 9 Plastic Pipe Class 70
  • Conforms to ASTM F2158 - 08 | Specification for residential central Vacuum tube and fittings.
Learn more about Central Vacuum Pipe at Vip Rubber and Plastic Company

Cindy LeClair is the Vice President of Marketing at Vip Rubber and Plastic Company in California.  Cindy is in the third generation of family ownership and has over 10 years of experience in the manufacturing industry.  She is passionate about helping others and aims to educate and connect customers with the right resources.  Should you want to get to know Vip Rubber and Plastic better as a potential supplier, do not hesitate to reach out to Cindy. Visit www.viprubber.com


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