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A Manufacturing Company With A Community Heart

Oh how I love community!  There is no better feeling than giving back to the people and places that give so much to you. So you can imagine my excitement when I learned we had been asked to assist in manufacturing parts for an exhibit at the La Habra Children’s Museum , located right around the corner from our facility. I have been to that museum many times myself, and have even taken my own children. The children's museum was building an exhibit called the “Ocean Zone”, which focuses on the different depths and zones of the ocean, and how each one supports its own life forms. Not only does the exhibit focus on life undersea, but it also aims to teach children about conservation, and the harmful effects of global warming. Our lead estimator Steve Prog, who has been with us since 1989, managed this project with the museum curator, Lisa Reckon. Lisa has been involved with the museum for 17 years, and is very excited about this particular exhibit and its potential to